Best Singing teacher 

My daughter started vocal lessons with Mr. Glenn Perry in December 2016. The lessons encompass a range of comprehensive techniques like body posture, facial movement and music vowels. This provided her with a deeper appreciation of music, improved her vocal singing and beyond that helped her oral skills in school.

Bosco Francis

Friendly Atmosphere 

It is a very friendly atmosphere and the teacher was very patient with my daughter. I also liked that there were multiple techniques to figure out what works best for new young learners. 

Candy Newton

One and Only 

“I have seen a lot of music programs over the years. Some were fun. Some were clever. Some were thorough. But Dubai Music School is one that has it all - In terms of presentation, effectiveness, philosophy - you name it - there’s nothing out there that compares to Dubai Music School.

Damian Taylor

Highly Talented Music teachers 

My three children Adelaine, Gavin and Eliza have been attending music classes at Dubai Music School for many years. The school has excellent, truly dedicated and highly talented music Teachers who genuinely want the students to have a positive learning experience. Sir Glenn, Sir Giles, and Sir Miles are three such wonderful Teachers who possess this amazing knack of imparting to their students the qualities of music appreciation as well as the joy of learning. Being great musicians themselves, they are able to share their gifts of music with my children.

Samantha Braganza

Greatest Teacher 

“… I always remembered the teachers that made me love their subjects and this is exactly what Mr. Glenn Perry has done for us both. We both love music but Sir Glenn has brought us a different dimension in music that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives.

Jane and Freny

Down to Earth 

“I am amazed. Mr. Glenn Perry is most fabulous — always clear, incredibly knowledgeable and extremely down-to-earth.

Yazmin - student

Great With Kids 

“Sir Glenn Perry is great with kids — but also commands attention and gets a great deal of information across.



Enjoying the Musical Exploration 

I have been very impressed by the callibre of the teachers as well as the general joyful attitude. My teachers have been very focused on making sure that I am not only learning music but also enjoying the journey of musical exploration.

Dennis Capella

Clear Teaching Style 

“One half mastery, one half magic, Glenn Perry has a way with children. His teaching style is clear, fun and enabling, and the students in turn feel seen and supported to reach for their best. Strong and positive, Sir Glenn Perry creates an environment of creativity, fun and respect ... his students follow his lead and in turn believe in themselves as people and musicians.

Jeremy and Heather (students)


I love the way how the instructor is really commited to bringing out the best in me and making sure we achieve the objectives I have laid out. Teachers are very friendy and welcoming. 

Chantelle Gore