Dubai Music School

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Dubai Music School

Established in 1979 

 UAE's first music school

Dedicated and devoted teachers

Professional training

Contemporary learning methods

International faculty

Founder & Director MTV popstar



DUBAI MUSIC SCHOOL was founded in 1980 by pop star, internationally acclaimed singer, composer and producer Glenn Perry out of the need to help aspiring musicians to develop musically on the instrument of his or her own artistic potential. 

Today 4 decades later Dubai Music School - the UAE's first music school has become an environment for the best possible learning experience that breeds only excellence and offers an unique opportunity to find out what one is fully capable of achieving musically.

The objective of the school is to provide training in music skills to students interested in and capable of benefiting from a program designed for beginners and serious amateurs. The quality and effectiveness of the instruction offered is important and essential for the realization of the personal goals of the students as well as that of the Dubai Music School.

The instructors at Dubai Music School have one thing in common. They are Professionals. They have a combination of qualifications which include many years in the professional playing field with many of music's great artists as well as recording their own CD albums, and playing in almost every conceivable situation.