My Music Guru

I always wanted to play the guitar since I was young. But the guitar did not like me. I tried learning guitar from friends and the internet but I did not get anywhere. Recently I enrolled for private guitar lessons with Glenn Perry. In just one lesson I was able to play 2 songs and 8 chords and 2 rhythm patterns and read music. I could not believe it myself. I have now done 4 classes and I am able to play guitar nicely. My wife says that I play the guitar well. My friends think that I have had lessons for one year. They cannot believe that I learnt to play the guitar in 4 classes. Glenn Perry is a great Music Guru. He has the special knack of teaching. His approach and techniques of teaching is amazing. He teaches guitar the most easiest way. Learning to play the guitar with Glenn Perry is a real joy.

Keep up the good work, and the good spirit !

Yours Respectfully