25 hour "Singathon" in aid of Philippine Typhoon disaster victims

25 hour non-stop singing and fasting - A dedication to the victims of Philippine Typhoon victims

Singer - musician Glenn Perry who just returned from Tacloban will fast and sing for 25 hours non-stop to raise awareness and funds for the victims of the Philippine typhoon disaster.

The 25 hour "Singathon" will be held at the Arabian Courtyard hotel in Dubai on 5th December commencing at 6 pm, and will end after 25 hours on 6th December at 7 pm.

Perry will be fasting and singing non-stop for 25 hours. During the 25 hours while he is singing, he will not eat, or drink or sleep.

"I am doing this because I have lived with the victims in Tacloban and I have seen the agonizing pain and suffering they are going through. In my own little way I want to help them".

"My main objective by embarking on this challenge is to request the world media to continue reporting about the Tacloban typhoon disaster. I also plead with the international aid organizations to increase their presence and aid distribution in Tacloban as this is one of the greatest disaster of the world".

"I beg you please Do not forget Tacloban. Every disaster has three main stages. The Emergency stage, then the Rehabilitation stage, and then the Reconstruction stage. The Tacloban typhoon victims are still in the emergency stage. From what I have seen, it will take a minimum of 5 to 10 years for the victims to stand on their own feet and rebuild their lives.

Winter is also fast approaching. The victims need immediate shelter and warm clothing. If these requirements are not provided without any further delay then we are looking at another disaster, as the poor little children and elderly will freeze to death.

I wish that people would generously donate towards this most needed cause, so that the Tacloban victims can at least celebrate a wonderful Christmas.

Entrance to the "Singathon" is free. Donations are welcome. All donations will be given to the Tacloban disaster victims .