Say 'No' to Drugs

International Day Against
Drug Abuse


on 26th June
at Lamcy Plaza
at 6.30 pm

talented Singers, Musicians,
Dancers & Artists

Organized by Glenn Perry

to raise awareness about the dangers of Drugs

Ways To Say "No" to Drugs

Saying "NO" to drugs will be THE most important decision you will make in your life!

Just say "NO" when your friends ask you to try a drug or a drink. Saying "NO" means you have the strength and brains to choose for yourself.

-- If your friends offer you drugs, tell them that you have something better to do than having Drugs.

-- Let them know that drugs interfere with your mental and physical skills and that you want to be at your best.

-- If you don't want to explain, just say, "NO", thanks." If they continue to force you then in a stronger voice say "NO WAY !" and leave.

-- Avoid parties where you know drugs and alcohol will be available. Ban them from your own parties.

-- Hang out with friends who don't need drugs or alcohol to have fun. Make a commitment to be healthy and in control of your own life.

-- Make an agreement between you and your parents that you will do your best to learn about the effects of illegal substances and discuss peer pressure with your parents. In turn, your parents must agree to be available to discuss the destruction that alcohol and other drugs will do.

-- If your friends or peers ask you to have drugs, just turn around and leave

Just say "NO" to Drugs

Millions of people die of drugs every year

Always Remember

Drugs is a Killer, a Thief, a Murderer

Please Stay Away from Drugs

peace, love & blessings
glenn perry