Since I was a kid I had a great desire to sing. I went to several teachers in Europe but every teacher told me that I was tone deaf. I should forget about singing. 5 years ago I came to Dubai from Europe. In Dubai I learned from 8 different teachers who were from different parts of the world. The teachers were very expensive. But None of the teachers were able to make me sing in tune. The notes I sang were terribly out of tune from the note that I was supposed to sing. Finally my last 2 teachers told me that I should give up singing. One said that I croaked like a frog and the other said that a tigers roar sounded better than my singing. I cried and stopped singing. I was very heartbroken. I started drinking and spent most of my time at bars and night clubs. Once at a karaoke bar when I was singing, a guy told me that I sang horribly. He suggested that I visit Dubai Music School. I laughed when he told me that this music school was in Karama. I live in the Palm Islands. I am European. But one day for the heck of it I visited the Dubai Music School. Honestly as I entered Dubai Music school I was not impressed with the school. I was used to going to posh music schools, and teachers who taught in their villas. I wanted to walk away the moment I entered Dubai Music school. I said to myself this is a waste of time. What is this guy from another continent going to teach me. While I was about to leave the school, Glenn Perry greeted me and he took me to his office. I explained all my singing problems to him. He was very kind and encouraging. After hearing my grievances, he gave me a lesson at the same moment. At the end of the half hour lesson with Glenn Perry I was crying. But this time I was crying with joy because in one lesson Mr. Glenn Perry was able to make me sing in tune. I do not know what Perry did, but in one lesson I was able to hear the notes that I was singing. I knew I had found the perfect teacher. So I asked him to enroll me for lessons at the Dubai Music school. But he told me that he had a long waiting list. The earliest I could start was 6 months later. I pleaded with him to start as soon as possible but I had no choice but to wait. I even offered to pay much more than his fees as that is what I was paying other teachers. But he did not accept any extra fees. He said I should pay the nominal fees that was mentioned in the school brochure. After six months of anxiously waiting I got my admission in Dubai Music School. I was happily shocked that in just 4 lessons with Glenn Perry I began singing a complete song. Glenn Perry's vocal techniques are marvellous. It is 2 months now that I am learning from Glenn Perry. I am very happy. Tomorrow I will be going into the recording studio to record my first original song. This is my dream come true. Mr. Glenn Perry is a HEALER. He has God's gift to heal. After I joined Mr. Glenn Perry's music school I stopped drinking and hanging out at bars. Now I spend all my time singing. I am taking this time to write my testimonial to let everyone know that Glenn Perry is the best teacher. From being a terrible singer, He has helped me become a good singer in a short time. Glenn Perry is a hidden GEM. I love spending my time at Dubai Music School. I love the positive vibe I get from Glenn Perry. There is a beautiful spirit that lives within the Dubai Music School. It is pure and peaceful.

With Sincere Gratitude

Emily Fonterra