Dubai Best Voice Teacher

My teachers would never select me to participate in the school choir or any stage performances. Mr friends always told me that I sing well but I was never chosen. It dented my confidence. So I quit singing. But for my graduation it was my desire to sing a song before leaving school. I had lost all my confidence and I was singing off key and out of tune. I prayed to God to help me with my singing. A week later I got admission at the Dubai Music School to learn singing with Glenn Perry. I learned many techniques from Master Glenn Perry only during my first lesson. In one month he prepared me to sing for the Graduation. I had a thunderous applause. I am now singing in a band and with God's grace and the help of my voice teacher and producer Glenn Perry I will start recording songs for my new album.
I am indebted to you Sir Glenn Perry
I will always remember the help you have given me
Thank you for being patient, encouraging and kind to me.
God Bless You Glenn Perry