Singing Lessons in Dubai

I am 53 years old. I have been singing all my life. But my problems were I could never hit the high notes. I would gasp for breath in 7 minutes and in 10 minutes my throat would get sore and begin to hurt. I could never sing for more that 20 minutes as my voice would give way after 20 minutes. So I had many voice lessons and changed several voice teachers for different reasons over the years. But I still continued with the same problems. I got very frustrated. Recently my friend introduced me to Mr. Glenn Perry. I had never heard of this teacher. But in a few lessons Mr. Perry corrected all my problems. I could not believe it. I now sing with my full range voice and I can sing for many hours without hurting my vocal cords. Glenn Perry's vocal techniques are accurate and amazing. I am very happy I found Mr. Glenn Perry. He is the best singing teacher in this world.

Adriana Pekelle