It is an overwhelming experience and beyond human comprehension how one could go through so much and instead of being resentful has wholeheartedly committed himself to helping so many people from all walks of life.

I am convinced he is one of our greatest mentors for boys and girls, women and men and I truly wish that he will continue to be a stronghold and strength to many (all over the world) who never gave up hope of fulfilling their dreams, visions and passions.

For the short time I have known Glenn, I can 100% testify that he is an irrefutable unique, motivational and inspirational genius and I pray he will be able to touch many more lives.

Greatness comes through real tough sacrifices (the kind of sacrifices if by choice, we would definitely say no). The greatest consolation though, is that no matter how bad the circumstances, God can turn (what seems like) a bad situation around in ways we could never imagine. God has Glenn’s back and all of him!.

Words cannot express how deeply grateful I am to have had the opportunity to meet Glenn. Yes, I do agree, extraordinary humbleness.

I will cherish each moment he gives, sharing his talents with simplicity and grace, and as he blesses me I pray his reward will be millions and millions of joy!!!

I watched the youtube video of TONIGHT and I thoroughly enjoyed it – GREAT SONG!!!! and the solo guitar - AWESOME, AWESOME!!