I had home guitar lessons for 3 years. Then I spent 4 months in one school and then 7 months in another school learning the guitar. But I was not making any progress and I was bored. After 4 years of learning the guitar, my friends and family said that I had nothing to show. It was very discouraging and depressing. So I quit learning to play music. Recently my close family friends suggested I try Dubai Music School. I was skeptical. But I visited the Dubai Music School and enrolled myself to please my parents. But in only 2 weeks I learned from Sir Glenn Perry what I had never learned in 4 years. I am now playing chords, with different rhythms, am playing songs that I enjoy and am also reading music. I feel motivated. Sir Glenn Perry is an amazing teacher. He encourages me and motivates me. I now love my guitar lessons, and wish I could have them everyday. Now even my friends and family are pleasantly shocked. They now praise me and often make me play the guitar for them. From the bottom of my heart I thank Sir Glenn Perry for teaching me to play the guitar so brilliantly in such a short time.

Thank You Sir Glenn