Best Drum Instructor

I have been learning the piano for 5 years in different institutes. But every lesson I had became a chore. I started to hate the piano and then stopped playing. After a few years I went to inquire about courses at the Dubai Music School and Mr. Glenn Perry somehow convinced my Mother to allow me to take up the drums, which I always wanted. I started learning drums with Sir Giles. The initial stage was a little boring as I had to learn all my rudiments but after learning my rudiments it was great fun. Sir Giles is a master drummer. He plays the drums like a freight train. I saw one of his concerts and I am still blown away. When he plays the drums it seems that 5 drummers are playing at one time. I am happy to have Sir Giles as my instructor. He is the best drum instructor. I am now playing drums with a group, and other groups invite me to jam with them. All thanks to Mr. Giles.

Thank You
Tifanny Thompson