20.06.2015Glenn is so creative

Dear Dubai Music School

It is heartening to see Glen working and mixing his music with Serge! However, it is not surprising! Glenn is so creative, passionate about music and singing that you can expect him to compete with any famous musician or Singer of the world with flying colours! Congrats Glenn!

Bravo Glenn! You make all of us so proud



I am writing to you this email about learn singing lesson with Mr.Glenn

Would you please kindly confirming an appointment for me to visit you
school. (I have been to your school couple times. At beginning, I didnt
find your school. After that, I found it. But it was closed during

Anyhow, I just want to let u know that I worship Mr. Glenn Perry (He is
an marvellous singer ) and I am really really want to learning singing
with him.



11.06.2014Extraordinary teacher

The United Arab Emirates is truly Blessed to have Glenn Perry Sir.

Pator samuel


Dear Sir Glenn Perry,

We are very lucky to have a teacher like you, for all of our family and the following are our sentiments expressed as poetry.





We thank you for everything you have done for us
May God bless you,
Mudit, Vinita, Shubhrant and Sudhansh

09.01.2013Inspiring Professor

Mr. Glenn Perry I watched your Youtube videos. I feel very inspired. You are inventing new new styles to play the guitar. You are the best teacher I have had. I feel privileged to have you as my teacher. I went on a holiday last month and all my friends were shocked to see me play the guitar. They could not believe that you taught me to play the guitar and sing in two months. My parents had tears when they heard me play the guitar and sing. I am 31 years old and I myself could not believe that I will learn at this age. Thank you Mr. Perry. I am blessed to meet you.

Your faithful student

04.12.2012A truly Dedicated Teacher

I work as a marketing Manager. Since a child I had a secret desire to play the guitar. I visited many institutes in Dubai and finally browsing the internet I stumbled upon Dubai Music School. I must confess that I doubted when I read the testimonials. I never held a guitar in my hand before. But to my great surprise when I began my studies at Dubai Music School, Mr. Perry taught me to play the guitar in 4 lessons. Factually, In the first lesson I learnt to strum chords and play melodies on the guitar. My husband and children could not believe when they heard me play the guitar in just one lesson.Mr. Glenn Perry is a sincere and a dedicated teacher. He has the gift to teach. Only few are born with this gift.

With all my Thanks and Respect
Aurora Malik


From my school and college days I admired my friends who played the guitar. They tried to teach me but I could not grasp the idea of playing the guitar. I found it very difficult. But I always had a passion to play the guitar. I now turned 47 with 2 kids and a still have a great desire to play the guitar. Last month my colleague introduced me to Dubai Music School and teacher Glenn Perry. Unbelievable but true, Glenn coached me to play the guitar in 4 lessons. Glenn Perry is a remarkable teacher. He teaches with passion. His teaching methods are direct to the core and easily comprehensible.

Sincere Thanks
Ajay Narang

18.06.2012Dedicated Voice Coach

I am writing to say how deeply indebted I am to Mr. Glenn Perry for taking the time to teach my children. I could not understand why they discontinued learning from every teacher they had. I heard a lot of good about teacher Glenn Perry from my friends but I was not sure he was the right teacher for my children. So I booked for one lesson with Glenn Perry. After the lesson my children were very satisfied. Perry is a dedicated music teacher. My children love Glenn Perry. They always ask me when is music day.

Thank You
W. Darius


When my teacher in school told me that I should quit playing music I got frozen. From that day I never played music as I was mortified. After 20 years I decided to take the plunge and begin playing music again. I registered with Dubai Music School under the guidance of Glenn Perry. Unbelievable but true, he taught me to play in 1 month. Now I never stop playing music. I learn the guitar, piano and singing from Glenn Perry. Glenn Perry is a miracle worker. He worked miracles with my music.


Samoy Goncalves

06.05.2012Music Teacher with a Difference

I take this opportunity to thank Glenn Perry for teaching me to perform in front of an audience and getting rid of my fears. I used to be a shy girl. I was afraid to open my mouth. My palms would sweat when I had to sing in from of a crowd. I was always running away when i had to perform on stage. But after joining Dubai Music School Glenn Perry helped with me with my inhibitions. He moulded me and gave me the confidence to get up and sing on stage. I learned from Sir Glenn Perry how to turn my fears into positive energy. He is a devoted teacher. He is a music teacher with a difference. Sir Glenn has God's blessings.

With all my Thanks
Jenny Thomas


Since I was a kid I had a great desire to sing. I went to several teachers in Europe but every teacher told me that I was tone deaf. I should forget about singing. 5 years ago I came to Dubai from Europe. In Dubai I learned from 8 different teachers who were from different parts of the world. The teachers were very expensive. But None of the teachers were able to make me sing in tune. The notes I sang were terribly out of tune from the note that I was supposed to sing. Finally my last 2 teachers told me that I should give up singing. One said that I croaked like a frog and the other said that a tigers roar sounded better than my singing. I cried and stopped singing. I was very heartbroken. I started drinking and spent most of my time at bars and night clubs. Once at a karaoke bar when I was singing, a guy told me that I sang horribly. He suggested that I visit Dubai Music School. I laughed when he told me that this music school was in Karama. I live in the Palm Islands. I am European. But one day for the heck of it I visited the Dubai Music School. Honestly as I entered Dubai Music school I was not impressed with the school. I was used to going to posh music schools, and teachers who taught in their villas. I wanted to walk away the moment I entered Dubai Music school. I said to myself this is a waste of time. What is this guy from another continent going to teach me. While I was about to leave the school, Glenn Perry greeted me and he took me to his office. I explained all my singing problems to him. He was very kind and encouraging. After hearing my grievances, he gave me a lesson at the same moment. At the end of the half hour lesson with Glenn Perry I was crying. But this time I was crying with joy because in one lesson Mr. Glenn Perry was able to make me sing in tune. I do not know what Perry did, but in one lesson I was able to hear the notes that I was singing. I knew I had found the perfect teacher. So I asked him to enroll me for lessons at the Dubai Music school. But he told me that he had a long waiting list. The earliest I could start was 6 months later. I pleaded with him to start as soon as possible but I had no choice but to wait. I even offered to pay much more than his fees as that is what I was paying other teachers. But he did not accept any extra fees. He said I should pay the nominal fees that was mentioned in the school brochure. After six months of anxiously waiting I got my admission in Dubai Music School. I was happily shocked that in just 4 lessons with Glenn Perry I began singing a complete song. Glenn Perry's vocal techniques are marvellous. It is 2 months now that I am learning from Glenn Perry. I am very happy. Tomorrow I will be going into the recording studio to record my first original song. This is my dream come true. Mr. Glenn Perry is a HEALER. He has God's gift to heal. After I joined Mr. Glenn Perry's music school I stopped drinking and hanging out at bars. Now I spend all my time singing. I am taking this time to write my testimonial to let everyone know that Glenn Perry is the best teacher. From being a terrible singer, He has helped me become a good singer in a short time. Glenn Perry is a hidden GEM. I love spending my time at Dubai Music School. I love the positive vibe I get from Glenn Perry. There is a beautiful spirit that lives within the Dubai Music School. It is pure and peaceful.

With Sincere Gratitude

Emily Fonterra


Dear Glen Perry

I have read in many books and also I have been told several times that music is spiritual. But for the first time i experienced this during the Dubai Music School concerts. The way you have encouraged and you continue to encourage the young talents to grow is amazing!

Priya Arjun


It is an overwhelming experience and beyond human comprehension how one could go through so much and instead of being resentful has wholeheartedly committed himself to helping so many people from all walks of life.

I am convinced he is one of our greatest mentors for boys and girls, women and men and I truly wish that he will continue to be a stronghold and strength to many (all over the world) who never gave up hope of fulfilling their dreams, visions and passions.

For the short time I have known Glenn, I can 100% testify that he is an irrefutable unique, motivational and inspirational genius and I pray he will be able to touch many more lives.

Greatness comes through real tough sacrifices (the kind of sacrifices if by choice, we would definitely say no). The greatest consolation though, is that no matter how bad the circumstances, God can turn (what seems like) a bad situation around in ways we could never imagine. God has Glenn’s back and all of him!.

Words cannot express how deeply grateful I am to have had the opportunity to meet Glenn. Yes, I do agree, extraordinary humbleness.

I will cherish each moment he gives, sharing his talents with simplicity and grace, and as he blesses me I pray his reward will be millions and millions of joy!!!

I watched the youtube video of TONIGHT and I thoroughly enjoyed it – GREAT SONG!!!! and the solo guitar - AWESOME, AWESOME!!


22.10.2011Dubai Best Voice Teacher

My teachers would never select me to participate in the school choir or any stage performances. Mr friends always told me that I sing well but I was never chosen. It dented my confidence. So I quit singing. But for my graduation it was my desire to sing a song before leaving school. I had lost all my confidence and I was singing off key and out of tune. I prayed to God to help me with my singing. A week later I got admission at the Dubai Music School to learn singing with Glenn Perry. I learned many techniques from Master Glenn Perry only during my first lesson. In one month he prepared me to sing for the Graduation. I had a thunderous applause. I am now singing in a band and with God's grace and the help of my voice teacher and producer Glenn Perry I will start recording songs for my new album.
I am indebted to you Sir Glenn Perry
I will always remember the help you have given me
Thank you for being patient, encouraging and kind to me.
God Bless You Glenn Perry


04.07.2011Stage Shows & Concerts

Besides the dedicated teachers and the top notch quality teaching, the best thing I like about Dubai Music School is the extra curricular activities. In my six months at the Dubai Music School I have performed 4 big concerts, and many talent shows and music recitals and stage shows organized by the Dubai Music School. Unbelievable but true. Dubai Music School does not charge any extra fees for the training for these extra curricular activities. Dubai Music School is the only school in this country which is a NON PROFIT music school. I am proud to be a student of Dubai Music School.

Yours Faithfully

25.06.2011From the heart

For six years my children were getting coaching at another music institute in Dubai. But after six years of coaching I could not find any progress in them. So I shifted my two children from another institute to Dubai Music School recently. In one month of coaching from Sir Glenn Perry they learned so much more than they ever did before at other institutes. Sir Glenn Perry is a sincere teacher. He teaches from the heart.

Thank You Sir Glenn Perry

Martin Thomas

25.06.2011Vocal Magician

Since my childhood I wanted to sing. But my parents dissuaded me and they were against my love for singing. so I passed college, got married and have 3 wonderful kids. But I have always been passionate about singing. So I decided it was now or never. After surveying the many different music schools I registered at Glenn Perry's music school. Glenn Perry is a vocal magician. In a few classes he changed my voice from a bathroom singer to a professional voice. He is very kind and supportive. He is a excellent teacher for vocal ability and vocal techniques.
Thank You Guru Glenn Perry for making my dream come true.

Yours Faithfully
Michelle Khuwani

22.06.2011Great Teachers

I have been trying to find the Dubai Music School for one year. So I enrolled my sons to learn at two other institutes. But I was never satisfied with their progress. Luckily today my friend took me Dubai Music School. In one month of training at Dubai Music School my sons have excelled in music. I can hear the sounds or live music being played in my house by my children. Thank You to all the teachers at Dubai Music School for teaching my children.

Patty Mendez

05.06.2011Best Singing Teacher

I have been singing professionally for over 25 years. But I knew that I had a problem with my voice especially when I sang the high notes and the low notes. When I came to Dubai to sing, my group leader introduced me Glenn Perry for vocalizing. I cant believe it. In just 2 lessons Perry taught me how to sing high notes and low notes with ease. He helped me discover much more about my vocal cords and he refined my voice. He is definitely the best teacher in the world.

I will never forget you


12.03.2011 Blessing

Since many years I have been flying from Kuwait to Dubai to take singing lessons from Mr. Glenn Perry. I cannot say how happy I am. I am writing to express my gratitude to Mr. Glenn Perry for empowering my child with his extraordinary talent. It is a honour to have this opportunity to learn from Mr. Glenn Perry. He is a genius. I pray that God gives Mr. Perry a long life. He is a blessing to our community. Thank You very much Mr. Perry for sharing your musical talent with us.
God bless you

Grace John

22.01.2011Singing Lessons in Dubai

I am 53 years old. I have been singing all my life. But my problems were I could never hit the high notes. I would gasp for breath in 7 minutes and in 10 minutes my throat would get sore and begin to hurt. I could never sing for more that 20 minutes as my voice would give way after 20 minutes. So I had many voice lessons and changed several voice teachers for different reasons over the years. But I still continued with the same problems. I got very frustrated. Recently my friend introduced me to Mr. Glenn Perry. I had never heard of this teacher. But in a few lessons Mr. Perry corrected all my problems. I could not believe it. I now sing with my full range voice and I can sing for many hours without hurting my vocal cords. Glenn Perry's vocal techniques are accurate and amazing. I am very happy I found Mr. Glenn Perry. He is the best singing teacher in this world.

Adriana Pekelle


I was happily singing in a choir for 7 years. But 6 months ago we had a new leader, and he asked me to leave the choir. He said that I was not good enough and I should practise. I was confused and shocked and hurt... I started to cry and cried for months. It was heart breaking... I was very depressed and I decided never to sing anymore again... It affected my job and my personality... Then after many months of brooding my sister took me to Mr. Glenn Perry's music school. I started my singing lessons with Sir Glenn... Unbelievably, In only 4 lessons Mr. Glenn improved my voice tremendously. His Vocal techniques and singing exercises are fabulous. With 5 months of vocal training with Mr. Glenn, I have now become the LEADER of 2 choirs, and I also get offers to sing for radio advertisements and bands. Besides his great teaching, Mr. Glenn is also very comforting... He gives us hope... He teaches from the heart... He is very caring, sincere and a very humble human being... God Bless You Mr. Glenn...

God Bless You


I had home guitar lessons for 3 years. Then I spent 4 months in one school and then 7 months in another school learning the guitar. But I was not making any progress and I was bored. After 4 years of learning the guitar, my friends and family said that I had nothing to show. It was very discouraging and depressing. So I quit learning to play music. Recently my close family friends suggested I try Dubai Music School. I was skeptical. But I visited the Dubai Music School and enrolled myself to please my parents. But in only 2 weeks I learned from Sir Glenn Perry what I had never learned in 4 years. I am now playing chords, with different rhythms, am playing songs that I enjoy and am also reading music. I feel motivated. Sir Glenn Perry is an amazing teacher. He encourages me and motivates me. I now love my guitar lessons, and wish I could have them everyday. Now even my friends and family are pleasantly shocked. They now praise me and often make me play the guitar for them. From the bottom of my heart I thank Sir Glenn Perry for teaching me to play the guitar so brilliantly in such a short time.

Thank You Sir Glenn

11.02.2009The Best Teacher

I began learning singing at the Dubai Music School when I was 8 years old. I was very lucky to have Sir Glenn Perry as my singing teacher. Sir Glenn Perry is the best music teacher in this world. He taught me so much more than just singing. I learnt to be a performer. I am now 22 and I play in a band in Australia. My success today is because of my Sir Glenn Perry.

Yours faithfully

06.02.2009We are very Grateful

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to you Mr. Glenn Perry for training my children for their talent contest in such a short time. Both my children Sandra and Jenny took part in the talent contest and they both won the first prize. We were amazed to see the progress in our children in just one month. You worked wonders with my children. We thank you for all your efforts and extra time that you extended to my children. It was You who helped them achieve their success. Thank You Sir Glenn.

With our sincere gratitude,
Michelle & Benji

20.01.2009My Music Guru

I always wanted to play the guitar since I was young. But the guitar did not like me. I tried learning guitar from friends and the internet but I did not get anywhere. Recently I enrolled for private guitar lessons with Glenn Perry. In just one lesson I was able to play 2 songs and 8 chords and 2 rhythm patterns and read music. I could not believe it myself. I have now done 4 classes and I am able to play guitar nicely. My wife says that I play the guitar well. My friends think that I have had lessons for one year. They cannot believe that I learnt to play the guitar in 4 classes. Glenn Perry is a great Music Guru. He has the special knack of teaching. His approach and techniques of teaching is amazing. He teaches guitar the most easiest way. Learning to play the guitar with Glenn Perry is a real joy.

Keep up the good work, and the good spirit !

Yours Respectfully

18.01.2009With all my thanks

My daughter had private piano lessons as she was growing up but she lost interest quickly. After a few months she refused to play the piano and she took a dislike for music and did not touch the piano for almost 10 years. After 10 years I took her to visit the Dubai Music School for a trial lesson. Since her first lesson at Dubai Music School she got attached to the piano. I saw a great change in her in just a few weeks. She now plays with great enthusiasm. Without a doubt, it were the teachers at the Dubai Music School and the environment that made the huge difference in her. All the teachers Mr. Giles, Mr. Miles and the famous Mr. Glenn Perry are real professionals. Thanks to Dubai Music School my daughter is now an excellent musician.

With all my thanks
Bernadette Anthony

15.01.2009Thank You

My son had piano lessons privately at home. But after one year he quit the piano and never again touched the piano. He said he hated it.
I was fortunate that my daughter began learning music at the Dubai Music School from the very start. I realized that it is the teachers who make the difference. She studied Piano with Mr. Miles and Mr. Glenn. She is now 15 years old and she has completed all her 8 grades of the Trinity College London exams. Mr. Miles and Mr. Glenn are excellent teachers. They are the best Piano teachers in Dubai my daughter says. Their musical knowledge is far ahead and superior. I am very happy that my daughter graduated from the Dubai Music School.

Thank You Dubai Music School

01.12.2008Keep Rocking

I took Bass guitar lessons from Sir Miles for 2 years at the Dubai Music School. I was just a novice when I started out but in only 2 months I learned to play the bass guitar well. Now I have my own band and I have played for many college shows and other gigs. Sir Miles is the best Bass guitar teacher in the UAE. Sir Miles rocks.

Keep Rocking

14.09.2008You Are The Man

Dear Glenn Perry

Thank You for teaching my Kids to play the guitar and keyboard. I must state that earlier they changed 2 music institutes in one year and then they also had a private tutor at home. But we were disappointed as there was no improvement, and our Kids also lost interest. But ever since my Kids joined Dubai Music School, we can now hear real music playing in our house. Both our kids progressed in a short time since joining your school, and most of all they are enjoying it.

Glenn Perry You Are the Man !!

Warm Regards
Nigel & Martha

07.08.2008Best Drum Instructor

I have been learning the piano for 5 years in different institutes. But every lesson I had became a chore. I started to hate the piano and then stopped playing. After a few years I went to inquire about courses at the Dubai Music School and Mr. Glenn Perry somehow convinced my Mother to allow me to take up the drums, which I always wanted. I started learning drums with Sir Giles. The initial stage was a little boring as I had to learn all my rudiments but after learning my rudiments it was great fun. Sir Giles is a master drummer. He plays the drums like a freight train. I saw one of his concerts and I am still blown away. When he plays the drums it seems that 5 drummers are playing at one time. I am happy to have Sir Giles as my instructor. He is the best drum instructor. I am now playing drums with a group, and other groups invite me to jam with them. All thanks to Mr. Giles.

Thank You
Tifanny Thompson

27.04.2008I Sing Good Because of You

Dear Mr. Perry,

As a child I always had a great desire to sing. But everyone especially my family members told me that I croaked whenever I sang. I was depressed about it because I really enjoy singing. One day my friend told me about you Mr. Perry and that only you could help me. Learning singing with you was a joy. I don't know how but you managed to tune my hopeless voice. Thank You Mr. Perry. I am now singing in the church choir as the lead singer. I also sing at social gatherings and now my family often makes me sing. I would not have became this good singer without your coaching. I know that I was awful when I started singing lessons with you, but you were patient with me. I want to express my greatest thanks to you. May the Almighty God Bless You Mr. Perry.


19.04.2008Calm and Relaxation

Learning to play the piano and guitar with Glenn Perry at the Dubai Music School is like doing meditation. After every class I come out of the school feeling very peaceful, calm and relaxed.


02.03.2008Life Long Dream

For 50 years I only dreamed of playing the guitar. I tried the guitar a few times but soon gave up as it was too difficult. I could not believe it when Master Glenn Perry said I will teach you to play guitar in one lesson. Then I got admission at the Dubai Music School. I was gladly surprised to see that after my first lesson I began playing the guitar to my satisfaction.

Adrian Carebera